Hi, Reader!

My name is Justine. I started this blog in 2017 because I needed a space to write. My only goal withContemporary Psalmist was to get comfortable sharing my writing with the world. As it turns out, I hit that goal more quickly than I anticipated . . . and I found myself asking: what now?

At the very core of who I am is a relationship-oriented spirit who is being sanctified by her first great love, Jesus . . . and it was in becoming better acquainted with my heart that I found my answer. From speaking at a Cru-sponsored women’s conference to judging a speech meet to simplybuilding community with amazing women, the Lord has defined and refined what I love to do: connect with others and walk through life with authenticity.

So . . . I’m no longer here just for me.I’m here to serve and connect with you, sweet Reader! Life is beautiful and sweet and sometimes very challenging and complex – and the truth is, none of us are made to go through it alone. So although I don’t have all the answers, I can talk to you aboutrelationships, faith, stress, rest, and Jesus.I hope I can even answer a few of the really tough questions we ask as we encounter and interact with these high-impact pieces of our lives.

So, dear friend, grab a snack and settle in, because we’re going to get real here. Feel free to dig into the blog(or some poetry, if it tickles your fancy). And don’t be shy if you’d like to connect with me; I’d love for you to say hello!

– Justine